I CREATE WORK WHEREBY HUMAN experiences, movement and dance are uniquely and poetically interwoven into an individual interpretation of relationships and emotions through dance and performance. In my work I connect people through subtle and striking dance. With emotions at its core and a sophisticated movement style, the work resonates intimately with audiences. I am dedicated to open, relevant and relatable work informed by my background in Dance Movement Therapy. My research involves a collective of artists, collaborators, professional and non-professional dancers simply sharing my vision and an appreciation for dance as a down-to-earth medium for expression and connection. Audiences engage with the work because of its empathic nature that draws out the feelings and emotion that are identifiable to all. My approach enables me to talk to people through my work in a way that is compassionate and relevant to a wide age range from diverse background. My work introduces a ‘feminine’, political practice which elaborates an identity as being understood through relationships; a vibrant and insightful choreographic practice that stretches the self into a communal act. It entails discourses of affect, theories of psychoanalysis, feminism, autobiography, accountability and performativity. It is a practice-concept based research which incorporates social and community aspects as well as stretches boundaries of choreography, performance and presentation.

I work collaboratively and my work is process oriented. I begin with just defining a subject matter and then let the project evolve gradually in time and through dialogue with the collaborators. I look at the notion of experience through the analysis of Walter Benjamin. Experience for Benjamin doesn’t need to be described or informative, but instead it should convey a feeling, emotion, sensation and a psychological event. In my choreographic work I create a dialogue between freedom and structure; expression and abstraction, details and energy. It is always personal but never private.

My years as a Dance Movement Therapist influence significantly the way I work: from the topic I chooses, through the creative process, to the way I structure a piece, and the points I highlight in the work. The process is a safe space and a supportive environment for the dancers and for everyone else involved (including myself) to be as open, honest and raw as possible. During the creative work we are all confronted with accountability, hope, vulnerability, humility, humanity, and the idea of being part of our society and surroundings. Although I work with concrete material I never remain at the concrete level. I try to extract from what the immediately given and to create an abstract structure. I look for ways to refine details, to find clarity, purity, musicality, space, time, and feminine energies within the moving bodies. My aim is to create poetic, abstract, and movement based choreography and to develop empathic, humble, and down to earth performers.



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