Starting on the 11th October 2019 with performances on the 19th October at 5.00pm and 20st October at 13.00pm.

Choreographer Hagit Yakira is looking for up to 50 people to participate in a new promenade performance If One Keeps Walking. Hagit is looking for people from the age of 15 onward who have some movement or dance background and that would be willing and able to participate in a physical work. The participants will be performing alongside Hagit Yakira dance company and the vocalist Portia Winters.

The project will take place over two weeks in October at the West End Studio, Norges dansehøyskole and The Norwegian National Opera & Ballet.


Friday 11. October                       16.00-20.00                 West End Studio         Rehearsal

Saturday 12. October                   10.00-17.00                 NDH studio 3               Rehearsal

Sunday 13. October                      10.00-17.00                 NDH studio 3               Rehearsal

Monday 14. October                     14.30-17.30                 NDH studio 4               Rehearsal

Tuesday 15. oktober                     14.30-17.30                 NDH studio 4               Rehearsal

Wednesday 16. October               17.00-20.00                 Opera                          Rehearsal

Thursday 17. October                   16.00-20.00                 Opera                          Rehearsal

Friday 18. October                       16.00-20.00                 Opera                          Rehearsal

Saturday 19. October                   10.00-18.30                 Opera                          Rehearsal and performance

Sunday 20. October                      10.00-15.00                 Opera                          Rehearsal and performance


Poetic and subtle, Hagit's choreographic style promises an emotional, honest and human experience in which participants will share connected moments of travelling, pace, intimacy, well-being and sense of belonging.

The rehearsals will be based on physical work where we will be exploring endless possibilities of travelling. Participants will be guided into improvisation tasks, minimal contact work, and some taught dance routines. You will be required to come with comfortable clothes and trainers as some of the rehearsals will be outside.

For more information, please visit the following links:

Or else get some more information on our website:


If you would like to participate please send a short expression of interest (who you are and why you’d like to be involved) to Hagit at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or/and Michelle Flagstad at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Closing date for expression of interest is on the 27th September 2019

Please be aware that there is no process of selection, spaces will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

We are looking forward hearing from you and meeting you in September.

Hagit and team



With generous support from the Arts Council England, Arts Council Norway, FFUK and Stavanger Kommune in partnership with Laban Theatre and Sadler’s Wells, If One Keeps Walking will be an interactive promenade performance that concludes on stage, performed by a cast of professional and non-professional dancers.


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