Helene Düring Kjær (DK) is a dance artist based in Stavanger (NO) and Aarhus (DK). She works freelance as a dancer, choreographer, producer and project leader in various artistic collaborations and performance formats, often with artists from different disciplines. She holds a BA in contemporary dance from University of Stavanger and continued her artistic education in the international program ROAR Berlin. Her own dance theatrical works have been presented in Norway and Denmark. Since 2019, Kjær is co-leading and dancing in Kunstgrillen, a Stavanger based artist ensemble that works with interdisciplinary improvisation scores in public spaces. In 2020 she was affiliated artist at RIMI-IMIR Scenekunst in Stavanger, at the same arena she was organizing practice sharings and jams for local artists. Kjær has worked as co-creative dancer for Norwegian choreographer Therese Markhus, and this year she is engaged in projects with Aarhus based composers. www.heleneduringkjaer.com

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