We hope you enjoyed these beautiful summer months! 

During this break period, Inbar and I looked at all that was shared throughout this project during the lock-down months - you send us so many beautiful moments, reflections, and responses. We also revisited the wonderfully insightful conversations we had on Zoom and really felt how important it was to open up the discussion and introduce the story in that way.

What we are sharing with you today is a video composition, which incorporates for us the spirit and essence of Psyche's tale, and reflects the aesthetics of this project as it develops. We really wanted to portray an energy, sadly not all videos could be used in this version but the sensibility of all your contributions is there.

We hope you enjoy this share and we would love to know your thoughts.


Spring 2020 was a challenging time for us all. However some truly magical and valuable things had happened as a result.

We managed to meet so many of you from all around the world in Hagit's online classes Dance For Soul's Sake. It was so incredible to see so many new and old faces, from different parts of the world, twice a week, gathering to share and connect, and even though this was a new kind of connectivity, we could still feel the energy, the joy of coming together.

Hagit choreographed a ZOOM live online choreography Come Together for the 3rd year students at the University of Stavanger. For two nights and for an audience of over 350 people, the students performed a one of a kind show, each student in her/his own home, accompanied by live music.

Following the performances we stayed with our audience for an hour long post-show talk. It was heartwarming to have people from all around the world watching, commenting, conversing, a real sense of connection.

What special evenings they were.  


During the lockdown Hagit had initiated her new project Psyche online. What started as an experiment, became a truly meaningful and inspiring project, and that's only the beginning.

Hagit had invited Inbar Jeffery, a filmmaker and a long time collaborator, to join her in this online adventure. For one month Hagit reached out to people via social media to respond to various creative tasks. People from all around the world sent their videos, images, poems, thoughts, and stories.

In the second phase, Hagit and Inbar invited people to join them for ZOOM breakfast storytelling. For 5 weeks, in 5 parts, Hagit told the tale of Amor and Psyche, which is the point of departure of her new research project. For each part of the story that was revealed, we shared a discussion where participants were invited to respond to a new creative task. These thought provoking conversations over zoom inspired many to create and engage.

During the summer, Hagit and Inbar will gather what was shared as part of the next phase of the journey.

Stay tuned for some truly interesting things to come.


Hagit Yakira dance received funds from the Arts Council Norway and Stavanger Kommune to develop If One Keeps Walking into an online live performance.

In autumn 2020 Hagit Yakira dance, alongside people from all around the world, will perform online via ZOOM.

The 2020 UK tour of If One Keeps Walking was postponed to summer 2021 and Hagit and her company decided to offer this experience in a more experimental way, considering the current situation.


Summer 2020 will be a time for reflection.

Our summer was supposed to be filled with the UK tour of If One Keeps Walking and teaching workshops around the UK and Europe. However, just as for the rest of us, everything had be postponed to 2021.

We will therefore take the opportunity to reflect, write, plan and embrace life.

Stay tuned for our online activities coming up in the autumn and the distribution of Psyche's project.

Hagit and team are planning the national and international tour for 2021 of If One Keeps Walking. For more information and invitations please contact Michelle at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our Norway trailers:

A glimpse into our research period in London summer 2018:


Hagit received her PhD. Her thesis is titled: Relational Autobiographical Choreographies - on a new choreographic practice. 


"It was honestly something INCREDIBLE to witness. I was smiling the whole way through at delight in how exquisitely crafted it was. I admire your committment to honing something truly excellent and alive and breathing".  

"I haven’t been so moved by anything for such a long time. It was all so incredibly simple and so deep at the same time. As probably every member of the audience I felt that this piece speaks about me, my weaknesses, my desires, my fears… All dancers were just extremely beautiful, I watched them revealing themselves with a big respect and in amazement." 

"This whole experience left me feel awakened..."

And here is a quote from the Exuent Magazine: "Contemporary dance, like its visual art equivalent, can have a bad reputation.... it doesn’t really seem like the people speaking the language want you to know it. Hagit Yakira’s work stands out because it radiates generosity. It feels like it wants you to understand, to share with you its ideas...". For the whole article please click here


More Soon...


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