The piece was awarded second place in the New Trend Category at the Burgos-New York Choreography competition, in Burgos, Spain, July 2007.

A performance based on lengthy research with aspects of Lacan’s post modern theory on self identity. The work discusses how relationships of oneself with an other and oneself with his own memory (memories) influence our individual search for identity; "Memory. Sight. Love. It must involve a full seeing of the other's absence…of the other presence…of one's own absence." (Peggy Phelan).


Choreography- Hagit Yakira
Performers- Yarit Dor, Hagit Yakira
Costume Design- Ruggiero Desantis
Music- Eva Cassidy, Judy Garland
Photographer- Julia Burstein


2008 Touring

10 Jan — Spiroark, a centre for Art, London.

2007 Touring

25th Dec — Al Hevel Dak Festival, Tel Aviv, Israel. 12th Jan — Roehampton Theatre, Roehampton University, London 22nd Dec — DeDa, Derby Dance, Derby. 16-18th Nov — The Blue Elephant Theatre, London. 11th – 19th Aug — Roxy Art House- The Fringe Festival Edinburgh, Scotland. 18th- 22nd July — Burgos-New York competition, Second Prize in the New Trend Dance Category, Burgos, Spain. 6th Feb- Open Space, Siobhan Davis Studios, London.

2006 Touring

26th Oct — Bonnie Bird Theatre, Laban centre, London.

2001-2006- worked as a guest choreographer for a number of Colleges in Israel (Wingate, Beit Zvi, Talma Yalin and Sofi Moskovitch) and for students in A level, choreographing the BA students both in Dance and Theatre department.


“… Yakira’s interplay with Yarit Dor onstage is adventurous …”

— Extra! Extra! London

“Hagit Yakira, in her choreography- push at the boundaries.”

— Edinburgh Fringe reviews, 2007

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