In this dance class I introduce a unique style, blending elements of contemporary dance and improvisation. I blend floor work, Yoga, Limon, Release technique and improvisation in an original way. It is a class that emphasize dynamics, timing, musicality, physicality, authenticity and emotions. Using the body and the movement as a source of exploration and expression. In my dance class I use improvisation in order to enable students to find and to develop an awareness, ownership and authorship of their own movement. I emphasize alignment, dynamic, connection within the moving body and articulation. I push the dancers to find clarity and precision in their dancing and at the same time I help them to push to their limits and to enjoy moving.

 “A hip class taught by Hagit in London on a regular basis, as well as in different dance festivals and centres all around Europe and Israel".

"For the last 13 years Hagit has been developing this technique class, believing that dance should be learned in a positive, energetic, fast and ecstatic environment, where a celebration of movement, emotion, and group dynamic can happen".

"The fun environment enables Hagit to push the students to their limits and to enjoy moving. Combining her skills and expertise as a dance movement therapist with her philosophical approaches to dance, performance and education, she encourages passionate, emotional and experimental approach to dancing".

The emphasis in the class will be on the enjoyment of moving through simple yet challenging dance routines; shifting constantly from set material to improvisation, allowing each dancer to explore his/her own way of moving”.


ABOUT HAGIT'S TEACHING IN GENERAL - I believe in developing with the students a sense of community, honest communication, thinking bodies, positive (but still demanding) challenges and empathic manners. I encourage a passionate, emotional and experimental approach to dancing, dance technique, improvisation and choreography. I challenge the students to take risks, to work with and against their habits and individual movement choices. I strive to create a safe and encouraging space for the students, as well as to nourish their energy, curiosity, creativity and personal responsibility. I aim to develop dancers’ awareness’ to touch, time, space, the idea of listening (to themselves and to others), and patience. I incorporate the knowledge of the dance world (practitioners, choreographers, pioneers, thinkers, historians etc.), theory, discussions and reflection. In that, the teaching for me is another fundamental source of collaboration.









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