Hagit Yakira offers workshops for both professional dancers and the community, illustrating her creative process and approach to dance. Her aim is to share her work through personal communication and interaction.

Combining her skills and expertise as a dance movement therapist with her philosophical approaches to dance, performance and education, Hagit encourages passionate, emotional and experimental approach to dancing integrating a number of Dance Movement Therapy principles, improvisation and contact improvisation.

Alongside her technique classes Hagit teaches Contact Improvisation, Improvisation, Authentic Movement, Choreography, Composition, Creative work, Artistic Research, Performativity, Repertoire.

We are inviting professional and amateur artists, youth groups, and the community of all ages and backgrounds to join us in different settings and spaces.

Hagit has been giving workshops all around the UK, Europe, Scandinavia and Israel.


UPCOMING Workshops Spring - Summer 2019:

Proda Oslo, 25th February - 1st March 10-12.30

Tripspace, London, 14th April, 29th June, 13th July - 12.45-14.45 for more information click here

SIB Dance Lab, Norway, 9th - 11th June - 10-14.00 for more information click here 


Workshops summer 2018:

ID profesional classes, 11 - 15th June, for more information please click here

Laban Summer school, 16 - 27 July, for more information click here 

ImpulsTanz, Vienna, 30 July - 6 August, for more information click here 


Workshops autumn 2017:

Tripspace London, autumn 2017, for more information click here 

ImpulsTanz Vienna, 24 - 28 July, for information click here

Proda Stavanger Norway, 16/10, 23/10, 30/10 - 2.15-3.45pm and 16/11 7-8.30pm 


Past workshops includes:

Since 2008 Hagit has been freelancing for many different dance festivals, dance companies and dance institutions around the world.

To name a few:

Europe & Scandinavia: ImpulsTanz Vienna Austria, Devil Dance Festival Hungary, TanzCompagnie Giessen Germany, Corpus Opus Ballet Italy, Kajaani Finland, Witkacy Theatre Company Poland, Proda Stavanegr, Bergen, Oslo, and DanseIs Stavanger Norway. As well as workshops in Burgos, Jerez, Granada Spain, and Sweden,

UK: The Place, Greenwich Dance, Candoco Dance Company, Scottish Dance Theatre, Laban Summer school, Summer School The Place, Independent Dance London, ID Graduate Lab London, Tripspace, Dansebase Edinburgh; Dance house Glasgow; University of Hertfordshire; York University; Yorkshire Dance, Bath University, Roehampton University, Dance Exchange, Edge Hill University, Chichester University, Plymouth University.

Israel: Seminar Hakibuzim, The Rubin Music and Dance Academy, Mahol Shalem, Bikurie Haetim, Hangar Adama, Wingate Collage for Higher Education, Beit Zvi Acting School, Talma Yalin,

For more information on the workshops we facilitate please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


ABOUT HAGIT'S TEACHING IN GENERAL - I Believe in developing with the students a sense of community, honest communication, thinking bodies, positive (but still demanding) challenges and empathic manners. I encourage a passionate, emotional and experimental approach to dancing, dance technique, improvisation and choreography. I challenge the students to take risks, to work with and against their habits and individual movement choices. I strive to create a safe and encouraging space for the students, as well as to nourish their energy, curiosity, creativity and personal responsibility. I aim to develop dancers’ awareness’ to touch, time, space, the idea of listening (to themselves and to others), and patience. I incorporate the knowledge of the dance world (practitioners, choreographers, pioneers, thinkers, historians etc.), theory, discussions and reflection. In that, the teaching for me is another fundamental source of collaboration.



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